Puertas para Garage

Windsor´s Model 1800 aluminum door is strong yet ligthweigth and provides low maintenance for commercial and industrial applications. For a view and natural ligthting, glass lites can be substituted for aluminium panels as desired. Standard mill finish aluminum or optical clear or bronze anodized aluminum make for attractive finishes


  1. Heavy-duty galvanized graduated hinges

  2. Door section frames are constructed of 2" thick, box-type extruded aluminum members

  3. .040" thick aluminum panels set in a continuos vynyl gasket with butyl tape

  4. Aluminum panels can be exchanged for factory installed glass lites or other materials up o 1/4" thick

  5. Full length bulb-type bottom PVC weatherstrip



Standard Features

  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Door Thickness: 2"
  • 2"6063-T6 extruded aluminum shape
  • .060" minimum thickness; aluminum rails, end ang center stiles
  • .040" thick aluminum panels set in a continuos vinyl gasket with butyl tape. Mill finish aluminum
  • Bottom weatherstrip is standard bulb-type.
  • Sizes:Widths up to 18'-2". Heights up to 16'-1"

Counterbalance System

  • Oil-tempered helical-wound torsion springs.
  • Tubular or solid steel shaft as required
  • Cast aluminum cable drums

Track & Hardware

  • Track is 2" hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Bracket mount is standard
  • Vertical track is inclined to assure tight closure at jambs
  • Horizontal track is reinforced with galvanized angles as required
  • 14 gauge heavy-duty galvanized graduated hinges
  • Rollers are steel ball bearing with case hardened races
  • Lift cables are aircraft-type galvanized


  • Inside Frictions is standard


  • Constructed to withstand or exceed industry standards as specificied by the door & access systems manufactures association internacional
  • Maximum deflection of 1/120 of door width in horizontal position

Glass Openings

  • Openings to accommodate DSB glass
  • Other materials to 1/4" thickness can be accommodated