Cortinas Tubulares

Rolling grilles offer total security, visibility, and ventilation, in a number of patterns and finishes for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Operation can be manual push-up, chain, crank, or motor-operated. Mounting can be self-supporting, structural tubes, or to the building structure.

  •  Features 5/16" galvanized steel horizontal rods, continuous from jamb to jamb, covered with aluminum tubes. Verticallinks are aluminum. End links insure that grille cannot be pulled from guides.

  • Curtain bottom is stiffened with tubular extruded aluminum member, fitted with nylon end caps which act as bearing surfaces.

  • Optional cylinder lock assembly in bottom bar activates concealed 3/8" steel tamperproof locking rods. Mechanism is removable when grille is open. Lock user standard mortise cylinder, wich offers security but is quickly removable for key changes. Center locks avaible up to 25' wide

G1 Pattern (opcional) For aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel.

G6 Pattern (standard) For aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel.

G7 Pattern (opcional) Designed With closer spacing of vertical links. Shown in color anodized aluminum.

G8 Pattern (opcional) Designed with closer spacing of vertical links, but wider than G7 pattern.