Cierra Puerta HidrŠulico

AII S.Parker quality door closers are built to be long lasting, and operate well during their lifetime, because 01 the following features:

  • Smooth rack and pinion action

  • Non-corroding, durable housing

  • Separate adjustable speed controls for latching and closing

  • Needle bearings to ensure smooth operation

  • AII-temperature hydraulics are not affected by severe temperature swings

  • Non-handed, for right or let! hand door opening applications


  • Delayed Action Closer and Combined Unit allow a closing speed to a maximum of 8 minutes, 50 seconds, with a minimum of 20 seconds. Closing speed is adjusted with the power adjusting nut.

  • Aluminum, duranodic, white and black, finishes are available with different models in 950 and 500 series.

  • Each Grade 1 closer is complete with parallel arm bracket, and full plastic cover

  • Aluminum, durandoic, gold, polished brass, antique brass, antique nickel, dull chrome and satin brass finishes are available with different models in 900 series

  • Cover kits for the 900 series Barrier Free closers are available in brass and polished chrome finish.



Grade 1 Barrier Free & Delayed Action Contractor Quality




S. Parker's Barrier Free and Delayed Action line of door closers presents a ten year warranty, meets ANSI Grade 1 A-156.4 standards, comes with a choice of adjustable delayed action, closing speeds, or combined door opening ease and delayed action closing adjustment. These closers are specifically designed with the physically impaired in mind, and help meet ADA standards, while easing access for the disabled.

The UL Listed 900 series comes in four basic designs:

  • Barrier Free (BF) models allow reduc≠tions in spring power so that door opening is easier for the disabled

  • Delayed Action (DA) models slow door closing so passage is eased for people with disabilities

  • Combined (CB) action models have both Barrier Free and Delayed Action features, with an adjustment range of Ĺ to 04.

  • The 900 BC is a heavy duty spring adjustable closer. Adjustable from 1 thru 6.

  • The various models are all non≠handed for use on right or left hand doors.

  • Needle bearings give smooth operation and long life.

  • Two separate valves give adjustable closing and latching speeds.

  • Delayed action uses an adjustable timing delay valve.

  • Rack and pinion mechanism.

  • The cover is corrosion resistant.

  • Each unit is packed with a parallel arm bracket.

  • All models come with a full cover to hide screws and spindles

  • AII with backcheck

  • Allen Key adjustment

The Parker 500 Series Contractor Quality

The Parker 500 door closer is the best closer lo use with trimline aluminum or hollow metal doors. The closer is surface mounted and non-handed to make it simple to install and useful in a wide range of applications. It has a rack and pinion drive, and permanent all-weather hydraulics. It is non≠gumming and uses separate controls for closing and latching speeds. which may be adjusted al any time.

Using the same template as the Parker 950, Yale 50 and Norton 1600, the Parker 500 Series offers a univer≠sal non-corroding aluminum body for narrow stile applications. It is avail≠able in a range of finishes to suit all installations: aluminum; duranodic; black; white. The Parker 500 is UL listed, and hold-open and back-check styles are available. UL listed for hollow metal doors. The Parker 500 satisfies applicable tire codes



950 Series Contractor Quality

The 950 closer features 2 speed controls for closing and latching. Non-handed and using the same template as many other national brands, including the Parker 500, the Yale 50 and the Norton 1600, the S. Parker 950 is a rack and pinion action door closer with all temperature hydraulics in an aluminum housing. Separate controls adjust, at any time, both closing and latching speeds. A fully adjustable model with back check is available.

S. Parker guarantees trouble free operation of each closer for 10 years. Each unit is UL tested, and listed for use on hollow metal fire rated doors. The exterior housing is made of high tensile strength aluminum. Available in aluminum and duranodic, the S. Parker 950 series fits even extra heavy doors. Available with cover