Chapas y Cerraduras


Locksets, Leversets and Their Functions

Entry lock: (Front & Back) Entry locksets have push or push and turn button locking from the inside and key unlocking from the outside. Pushing or turning the button locks the outside knob or lever. A key is needed to enter from the outside unless the interior button is manually unlocked. The push or turn button locks the outside until the inside button is moved again.

Vestibule lock: Vestibule locksets are always locked from the outside, and are unlocked with a key from the out­side. The inside is always unlocked.

Storeroom lock: Storeroom locksets are always locked from the outside, so always need a key in the exterior knob or lever lock to unlock from the outside. The inside lever is always unlocked.

Classroom lock: Classroom lock­sets always have the inside knob or lever unlocked. The outside knob or lever is locked and unlocked by key

Bathroom and bedroom privacy lock: (Bed & Bath) Privacy locksets are locked with an inside push-button. Turning the inside knob or lever releases the lock. A small screwdriver can be used as an emergency key, from the outside, if necessary.

Passage set: (Closet & Hall) Passage locksets keep doors firmly closed, but do not actually lock. Both knobs always turn free.

Cylindrical and Tubular locksets and leversets

Cylindrical and tubular locksets differ in several ways, the most important of which, to many purchasers, is price: tubular locksets are less costly. Not long ago, tubular locksets were also easier to install, but today's standard­ized door preparation, using templates, means both styles are about equally easy to add to any ordinary door.

Locksets made in a drum style are cylindrical and tend to be less restrict­ive when operated from the inside ­that is, the cylindrical lockset allows for one step egress.

Tubular locksets are easily identified by their three prongs, consisting of two posts and a spindle.

S. Parker locksets are available in grades 1, 2 and 3. The significant differences are manufacturing of a quality to withstand increased use and lire ratings, with the more durable being grades 1 and 2: grade 3 is designed to last a long time under standard use in residences, while grades 1 and 2 are for heavier commercial and residential use.


6 Pin & 7 Pin Interchangeable Cores

Made from solid top quality brass. Machined to exact tolerances. These cores are available in uncombinated units or we can custom design or continue an existing system for you. Please specify keyway when ordering: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L or M.S.Parker 1,2,3. Choice 01 finishes: US4 satin brass or US26D dull chrome. US26 polished chrome and US3 polished brass finishes are available on special order.


Interchangeable Cylinder Core Cabinet & Drawer Locks

Convenient field reversible, no appreciable down time. Accepts 6 and 7 pin core mechanisms. 11/4" standard barrel. Choice 01 finishes US26D dull chrome, US3 polished brass.

Interchangeable Core Capping Block

Easily caps all 6 or 7 pin interchangeable cores one chamber at a time. A must tool for your shop!


Interchangeable Core Ejector Pin

Makes quick and easy work of "knocking out" pinned chambers. Another must tool for your shop.


Housing Wrench

Ideal for testing locks prior to installing the core. Makes cylinder housing installation quick and easy. A must for every lock mechanic.


Interchangeable Core Pins, Springs, Caps

Each pin is color coded according to industry standards, .108 diameter. Machined from full nard #360 alloy brass. 500 pieces packed in a polybag. A-2 system is available in top sizes #2 thru #19 and bottom sizes #0 thru #9. Please specify size when ordering. A3 and A4 also available