Barra Antipanico




1 1/2 Hour Rated Reversible Rim Type Contractor Quality

These top perlorming UL tire rated panic devices are made lor high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools and other public use buildings. An ideal companion product for ADA compliant installations.

Horizontal reversible, rim type touch bar exit devices can be used with a cylinder, keyed ball knob, keyed lever or a pull, and are available in dull chrome plate and brass.

The devices are UL listed and  fire rated (1 1/2 hour). Dull Chrome US26 D Finish PB finish US3 Finish

Panic Device With Square

The devices are UL listed and fire rated (1 1/2 hour). Dull Chrome US26 D Finish PB finish US3 Finish

Horizontal reversible, rim type touch bar exit devices UL525 series fit a 25" to 36" wide door, and UL526 fits a 25" to 48" wide door, and can be used with a cylinder, keyed ball knob or keyed lever or a pull. Available in aluminum, or duranodic finishes. Devices are packed with latch and strike filler plates.

Available in aluminum finish, may al so be used with a cylinder, key ball knob, keyed lever or a pull.

  • Deadlatching

  • Non-handed for use on right or left opening doors

  • Easy to install new or replacement .

  • Complete with rim strike latch, shim, fasteners, mounting templates and easy to follow instructions

  • Vertical panic device for double door installations (see pages 40 and 41 for accessories)

  • Vertical unit can be cut to size. Fits doors up to 36" x 96"

  • Vertical T ouch Bar is used with the UL525 horizontal device.

  • UL listed are Doggable



For Original Or Retrofit Installations

  • Easily retrolits into the most common door cut-outs.

  • Fits in the standard cut-out used for an Adams-Rite MS deadlock . Packed with Narrow Stile Mortise Latch Lock

  • Soft-touch actuation pushbar pro­vides easy opening wherever the hand pushes the bar. A heavy link bar transmits the applied touch to both sides simultaneously, caus­ing both ends 0f the pushbar to move synchronously.

  • Doggable, a very reliable and se­cure mechanism that once locked in with Allen Key no bar move­ment is possible. Other doggable mechanisms have movement and can release, not the #550 or 560.

  • S.Parker's gently rounded, extrud­ed bar has been designed to fit naturally in the palm 01 the hand. Makes opening with a snap.

  • Endcap design: black heat re­sistant, designed to take the heat. Easily attach and remove, for easy access to the internal mechanism. Easier access for installation or repair.


  • Precision mechanism that smoothly and efficiently trans­mits the touch bar forces to the locking mechanism. With the pushbar fixed rigidly in place to the two internal hinges there is no unnecessary bar movement during operation. A unique guide and compression spring have been exclusively designed to prevent lateral movement

  • Interchangeable covers in brass, black, duranodic or aluminum finishes are available upon request

  • "PUSH" salety decal

  • Non-handed (opens for right or left hand opening doors).

  • Can be used on glass or hollow metal doors up to 48" wide and 1-3/4" thick

  • For single glass doors or pairs of doors

  • Solid brass latch and bolt. Bolt throw 5/8" .

  • Easier to install .

  • 2 models to choose from, mortise type with mortise latch or concealed vertical rod.